The Team


Born in Casablanca, he discovered Fez in 2003. He fell in love with the medieval atmosphere as well as the architecture. He quickly bought a riad that would become the Riad Laaroussa, In the process, he created Fez Real Estate which since 2007 has the mission of selling and restoring old houses in the medina of Fez.


Our passionate contractor! Fred’s brother-in-law, he has managed all renovation projects since the creation of Fez Real Estate in early 2007. He has a significant network of professionals that he brings together as needed for each project. He goes over every price, all the material, each method of restoration, from the shell, through the plumbing, electrical, plaster, wood, tiles, solar panels .. etc. .. etc … Besides, his professionalism, Thierry is passionate about the architecture of Fez and is always available to help you develop your projects. He has so far renovated about 15 properties, both commercial and private.