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Fez Real Estate is a real estate broker and renovation company focused in the Medina of Fez. This company was born from our passion for old traditional houses in the Medina of Fez.

We Offer:

Real estate agent services:
Helping you find your house (house hunting).
Following the buying process through to completion.

Consulting services for your restoration:
Obtaining your building authorisations.
Providing a capable work team.
Overseeing the construction work.

Since 2007, Fez Real Estate’s team has helped more than 50 persons find their property in the Medina. We also renovated over a dozen properties.
More than ever, our team is dedicated to help you find your property in the most professional way.

A beautiful house good location. Titled

  • 935000 dhs

Nice Titled Dar.

  • 3300000 dhs

Original house,title. traditional arches with nice designs.

  • 2640000 dhs

nice house with a special handracft

  • 2310000 dhs

Nice house, well located, titled. attractive price

  • 1600000 dhs

well located titled house ran into a restaurant

  • 800000 dhs

partly restored house

  • 1000000 dhs

titled privat house well located

  • 2750000 dhs

New hotel with swimming pool, 10mn from the city center

  • 1500 dhs