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Ref: 1129
Ref: 1186
Ref: 796
   Beautiful with attractive decoration
Ref: 1174
   Small renovated dar
Ref: 973
   Nice dar in good condition
Ref: 936
   Large dar with traditional work
Ref: 1103
Ref: 1163
   well located titled house ran into a restaurant
Ref: 772
   Andalusian pleasant house
Ref: 1190
   Beautifull house with Titteld
Ref: 952
   Old house with ancient doors.
Ref: 1036
   Beautiful modern house
Ref: 1102
   Charming house for private use
Ref: 1175
   A beautiful house good location. Titled
Ref: 852
   Large dar with nice view from 2 terraces
Ref: 815
   Dar full of traditional zellige
Ref: 1047
   Beautiful great house with nice view.
Ref: 1055
   Medium dar with typical traditional fassi elements.
Ref: 1089
   Large house with columns
Ref: 1125
   Traditional house, titled, with interesting architecture
Ref: 1159
   partly restored house
Ref: 867
   Pretty Renovated house.
Ref: 1148
   Titled house
Ref: 0
   A typical house
Ref: 1178
   Charming house titled and renovated
Ref: 764
   House with 3 levels and good view
Ref: 881
   Dar with traditional caracteristics
Ref: 1000
   Medium-sized dar with covered patio
Ref: 1039
   Charming house with view from terrace
Ref: 1126
   Lovely riad, great location
Ref: 1182
   Sunny house with title
Ref: 1185
   A beautifull house and great location
Ref: 823
   Charming riad with nice work
Ref: 1116
   Riad with exceptional artisanal craftsmenship
Ref: 1169
   Nice house, well located, titled. attractive price
Ref: 1155
   Nice house titled well located.
Ref: 0
   A charming titled house
Ref: 910
   House with traditional features
Ref: 1115
   Magnificient riad , fully renovated, well located. ti...
Ref: 782
   Large house traditionaly decorated
Ref: 1108
   Authentic Riad Entirely Renovated
Ref: 887
   Large Old House
Ref: 892
   Large Riad with several rooms
Ref: 1107
   Dar with great potential
Ref: 1119
   Charming guesthouse with title.
Ref: 1110
   Restored house,well located, perfect for a private use.
Ref: 1170
   nice house with a special handracft
Ref: 1087
   Typical fassi house.
Ref: 1138
   Beautiful house with a fassi's touch
Ref: 1192
   Beautiful house with a private Masriya
Ref: 1171
   Original house,title. traditional arches with nice de...
Ref: 1162
   Great renovation for this titled Dar.great location
Ref: 1180
   beautiful house . great location
Ref: 1156
   titled privat house well located
Ref: 0
   Stunning Traditional Riad,titled, Fully Restored, Gue...
Ref: 750
   Beautiful large riad with garden
Ref: 916
   Good potential for guest house
Ref: 1191
   A beautiful guest house
Ref: 671
   Traditionel Charming house
Ref: 1172
   Nice Titled Dar.
Ref: 1139
   Beautiful currently working guest house. excellent oc...
Ref: 1135
   Renovated riad, titled, with garden and swimming pool
Ref: 1113
   Superb Guesthouse titled in the Heart of Fez Medina
Ref: 913
   Nice Guesthouse titled. currently working.Great locat...
Ref: 1145
   Guest house, titled, great negotiate
Ref: 730
   Restored house perfect for guest house
Ref: 899
   Spacious Riad with large garden